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Why do you need a buyer’s agent when looking for a new home in Fort McMurray? Why do you need your own real estate agent, instead of relying on the seller’s agent or negotiating the deal yourself?

The Seller Agent Doesn’t Represent You

The selling agent represents the home sellers, not you. The selling agent is therefore paid to maximize the price you pay for the house and minimize any concessions. They may not tell you everything you’d want to know about the home, and the offering agent has an incentive to downplay any defects with the property.

This is why you will need your own agent, a Fort McMurray Homes for sale agent. They act as your stand-in during negotiations and represent your interests. And they are counting on your referrals for new business, so they’ll make sure you don’t buy a dream home that turns into a deferred maintenance nightmare.


Fort McMurray contract

Fort McMurray contract

Experience By Your Side

Experienced Fort McMurray real estate agents have the experience needed to negotiate the price of a home, arrange better contract terms, force concessions and, in all, get you a house for less money or in better condition than you would have if you tried to do the offer yourself. And that’s not taking into account the real estate agent’s expertise in the law, ensuring you aren’t taken advantage of.

An Outside Observer

Another benefit of having your own real estate agent is that they can help you focus on your vision, such as a spacious home for a growing family or comfortable maintenance free property for your retirement. They can help you look at a home with ugly décor and see how it is right for your family after you replace that awful wallpaper, or help you avoid falling in love with a home that isn’t right for your needs.

You Don’t Know How to Do Everything Yourself

Many home buyers think they know how to do everything themselves. However, there’s little recourse if you make a mistake in a real property deal, whether it is overpaying for a home, overlooking major problems in the inspector’s report or misunderstanding portions of the contract that make you responsible for costs and repairs you wouldn’t actually want to be obligated for. Real estate agents close on houses on a regular basis, and they have the experience to ensure you don’t make a blunder in the biggest single purchase most of us make. Furthermore, they know when you need an expert’s opinion from an engineer to look at the foundation to a lawyer to check out the title, plus they know experts available on short order for these tasks when it is required.

Knowledge of the Area



If you are new to Fort McMurray, you don’t know which neighborhoods fit the vibe or price range you want. And if you already live in Fort McMurray, a real estate agent familiar with the area you want to move to can give you advice on which neighborhoods have the least traffic and safest walk for the kids to school. Check out for homes for sale in Fort McMurray. Realtors familiar with the region know if major construction projects are planned for the area, problems with the soil in the region and issues that commonly arise with homes built by that builder. And a Fort McMurray real estate agent with knowledge of the area knows instantly if a home is overpriced for neighborhood or a bargain.